Pain Pitch

Submit a Pain or Just R.S.V.P.

Oct 15th, 2013: 6pm-8pm


Pain Pitch: Healthcare Edition Submissions are due by October 1st

At Pain Pitch, organizations will ‘pitch’ their urgent tech needs to an audience of technologists eager to tackle real world problems. By pairing developers with organizations, Pain Pitch hopes to accelerate Detroit’s rapidly growing tech scene.

"I want to help solve some problems."
  • How should we contact you?
  • Eg: Portfolio, LinkedIn, Facebook,, Etc.
  • Eg: "I code in html, css, java..."
    or "I'm a graphic designer specializing in..."
    or "I build..."

Submit a pain to pitch at our event:
  • How should we contact you?
  • What webpage best represents your company *or* your pain?
  • Describe a problem not a solution. Keep the pain open-ended.

    Good : "I need a better way to find out when the bus is coming."
    Bad : "I need a mobile app that tracks city busses by gps."


AIREA STUDIO is located in the Compuware Building, Detroit, Michigan 48226

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